Disclosure Policy

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. For questions about this blog, please contact  me.

This blog accepts forms of paid advertising which is visible in the sidebars of this website. Some of the links to cookbooks in posts link to Amazon and Book Depository.

Maintaining a blog, whilst a wonderfully rewarding hobby is also costly when web hosting, photography equipment and the considerable amount of time spent writing posts, cooking, and responding to readers is considered.  As a result, I do include advertising on this website and occasionally accept sponsored posts that I feel fit within the overall theme of Delicious Everyday and would be of interest to Delicious Everyday readers. Any such content will be clearly identified along with the sponsors details.

There are also occasions however where a product will be featured, where no compensation has changed hands, purely because it is a product I enjoy and I feel my readers may enjoy.

It is important to note that the views and opinions expressed here are purely my own and are never influenced by the receipt of a free product or any other form of compensation. My integrity is important, so I only write about products and restaurants that I personally enjoy and I believe others might find enjoyable.

This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.


I am a member of Google Adsense, which is a third party ad network. Because ads are served automatically by Google, and vary depending on the region in which you reside, I am unable to monitor ads that appear on the site.   If you find an ad offensive please click on the blue triangle in the top right hand corner of the ad which displays the words “Ad Choices” when you hover over it with your mouse. This will enable you to register your ad complaint directly with Google.

I also serve ads from BlogHer. Again, I am unable to monitor all ads served by this network.

Amazon & Book Depository

I will occasionally include affiliate links to Amazon and Book Depository relating to cookbooks mentioned in the post. On purchases made through Amazon and Book Depository, via clicking on a link in a post or on my cookbooks page, I receive a modest commission.

Editorial Policy

Editorial content is written by me based on personal experience and results.  It is not influenced by advertisers, affiliates, public relation firms, brands, or other individuals unless otherwise noted.  Products submitted for review are For Consideration Only.  I do not provide any guarantee of review, nor whether a review will be positive or negative. I believe in sharing the good and the bad.

Product Reviews

I am always looking to try out the latest food, kitchenware, tableware and other food related products. Any product sent is for consideration only, which means I will not guarantee your product will be reviewed on Delicious Everyday.  I do not do paid positive reviews, and make no guarantee of a positive review. A pro/con format is used when reviewing products, and products are evaluated against claims made by the product and based on our personal experience.  I believe sharing product reviews provides a valuable service to my readers who may be considering purchasing a product and reading an honest review can assist them in making an informed purchase.

Occasionally I will also mention or refer to products that I have purchased myself. To make things transparent, where I have been sent a product for the purpose of reviewing it this will be disclosed at the bottom of my posts.

If you would like to submit a product for consideration please visit my Contact page for further details on how to contact me.

Email subscription

To subscribe to Delicious Everyday, please use the email sign up form. Due to anti-spam measures, I am unable to add your e-mail addresses  to the list of subscribers, you must sign up yourself.

Delicious Everyday’s email subscription list will never be shared or sold. Emails are sent out each time a new recipe is posted or at weekly intervals. The choice of email frequency is yours when you subscribe. At the bottom of each email is an unsubscribe link if you wish to discontinue receiving emails.

Restaurant Reviews

I occasionally publish restaurant reviews. In cases where I have been provided a complimentary meal this will be disclosed at the end of the post. Whether a complimentary meal is provided or not, any reviews will be written honestly and my opinion, good or bad, will be shared.


On occasion I am sent cookbooks from publishers for the purpose of reviewing them. I only feature cookbooks that I personally find interesting and think my readers will enjoy, and never accept a cookbook in exchange for a positive review. Again, where I have been sent a cookbook for review this will be clearly identified at the end of the post, along with the publishers details.

Giveaway Policy

Each giveaway includes a full set of terms and conditions, which can be accessed and read in the same post as the giveaqway.  Unless otherwise specified, giveaways are decided by random draw.  Delicious Everyday currently uses Rafflecopter to run the majority of giveaways, and this service uses random.org to determine a winner.  Winners will be contacted via e-mail and will have 48 hours to confirm receipt of prize otherwise another winner will be drawn.  Prizes are shipped directly from the competition sponsor and may take approximately six to eight weeks to be delivered.