Best Australian Blogs 2012 – Peoples Choice Awards

Sydney Writers Centre Best Australian Blogs 2012

Each year the Sydney Writers Centre holds a Best Australian Blogs competition. Previous winners include the talented Nikki Parsons of Styling You, who since winning both the People’s Choice Award last year and was awarded the overall Best Australian Blog award in 2011, has seen her blog go from strength to strength.

This year Delicieux has been nominated, along with an amazing 1,024 other wonderful Australian blogs, and I’d really appreciate your vote in the People’s Choice Awards.

To vote, simply click here and find Delicieux in the list of nominated blogs, which is listed on the first page, and tick the box. You can also vote for your other favourite bloggers at the same time. All you have to do is tick the box next to the blogs you would like to vote for. When you’re done enter you name and email address, before finally clicking Done to cast your vote.  Note that while this is an Australian competition focusing on Australian blogs, anyone anywhere in the world can vote for their favourite Australian blog.

By the way, if you’re on Twitter, you’ll find Tweets about the competition under the #bestblogs2012 hash-tag. You can also let your followers know who you voted for and help spread the word. Also, don’t forget follow me on Twitter, if you don’t already. Click here to follow me.

If you enjoy Delicieux and have a spare 5 minutes I’d really appreciate your support.


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  1. Rosa April 14, 2012  6:41 pm Reply

    Congrats for the nomination! Heading over there.



    • Rosa April 14, 2012  6:46 pm Reply


      • delicieux April 14, 2012  9:03 pm

        Thank you so much Rosa :D

  2. Collette April 15, 2012  1:39 pm Reply

    All the best Jennifer, I hope you win. Just cast my vote for you now.

    • delicieux April 16, 2012  4:19 pm Reply

      Thanks you so much Tania :D

  3. thelittleloaf April 16, 2012  3:47 am Reply

    Congratulations! You'll definitely get my vote :-)

  4. Antonia April 18, 2012  1:11 pm Reply

    Voted for you and deservedly so.

    • delicieux April 18, 2012  4:55 pm Reply

      Thank you Antonia :D I really appreciate you taking the time to do so.

  5. Nami | Just One Cookbook April 20, 2012  3:52 am Reply

    Congrats for the nomination! I just voted! It was easy. I can only vote once? Hope you will win this!!

    • delicieux April 23, 2012  1:21 pm Reply

      Thanks for your vote Nami :D I really appreciate it! And in answer to your question, you can only vote once per email address.

    • delicieux April 22, 2012  10:09 am Reply

      Thank you for voting Kiran :D

  6. Lace May 1, 2012  1:46 am Reply

    I just put in my vote for you! Congrats on the nomination.



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