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At the Good Food Show in Brisbane recently I ran across the Fresita wine stand.  Fresita, for those of you not familiar, as I wasn’t until I came across the stand, is a delicious and unique blend of Chilean sparkling wine fused with fresh, handpicked strawberries. It has no added sugar, just the added natural strawberry sweetness, and it’s delicious! It’s light and refreshing, and it is ideal for celebrations of every kind, especially a summer Christmas celebration, as we have here in Australia.


Fresita is available Australia-wide in  BWS (NSW only), Dan Murphy’s, First Choice, Liquorland, Woolworths and independent liquour stores.

The kind people at Fresita would love for Delicieux readers to add a little Fresita sparkle to their Christmas celebrations, and have kindly offered Delicieux readers the chance to win 1 of 3 cases of Fresita.  Each case includes 6 bottles of Fresita and is valued at $108 each!!!

Drink Fresita as is, which is delicious, or you might even like to try this delicious Fresita Christmas cocktail recipe I found on

Fresita wine on ice

So, if you would like to add a little strawberry sparkle to your Christmas celebrations and win 1 of 3 delicious cases of Fresita simply follow the instructions below.

  1. You will need to log in to enter. Either using your Facebook account or name and email address (below the Facebook login button).
  2. You will receive ONE (1) entry for each task you complete below.  For example if you leave a comment below you receive 1 entry. If you leave a comment and Like Fresita on Facebook you will receive 2 entries.  If you leave a comment, Like Fresita on Facebook and Like Delicieux on Facebook you will receive 3 entries.
  3. Additionally, if you Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter every day or share this post on Facebook every day you will receive 1 EXTRA entry for EVERY day you do this.
  4. To enter select the entry option you would like to use and click on the +1 Do It button to follow the entry instructions and record your entry. This step is important otherwise your entry won’t count!!!!

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  1. Linda December 14, 2011  8:29 pm Reply

    Yum, yum, yum! And no added sugar - truly a guilt free treat!!

  2. SILVANA GUTIERREZ December 14, 2011  8:32 pm Reply


  3. jen @ giftboxology December 14, 2011  8:47 pm Reply

    on my front porch with my family. relaxing with some grainwaves. i'm classy like that...

  4. Michelle December 14, 2011  8:55 pm Reply

    This sounds divine!!

  5. Karen December 14, 2011  8:56 pm Reply

    Sounds like a lovely drop. Even if I'm not successful in this comp, I will certainly give it a try very soon.

  6. Danielle December 14, 2011  9:03 pm Reply

    I would make the deliciously sounding punch on
    I would also serve it icy cold with strawberries as a cocktail.
    Everything about Fresita sounds tasty and refreshing. Just what you need to celebrate Christmas and the new year.

  7. Serene December 14, 2011  9:03 pm Reply

    This Christmas with the mother-in-law won't be a debacle...
    If I'm chilled out and relaxed, sipping on Fresita strawberry sparkle!

  8. kimberley Headford December 14, 2011  9:07 pm Reply

    Fresita will be perfect toasts during our massively festive family Christmas. Raise your glasses and repeat MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

  9. Silja Voitka December 14, 2011  9:23 pm Reply

    i love wines

  10. Narelle Rock December 14, 2011  9:42 pm Reply

    fantastic giveaway for Christmas celebrations!

  11. wendy joyce December 14, 2011  10:03 pm Reply

    We are having a family day at the races and Fresita will be the perfect accompaniment to my fruit platter.

  12. Josette December 14, 2011  10:04 pm Reply


  13. Lauren Anastasiou December 14, 2011  10:25 pm Reply

    Tempted to keep it all for myself, but no, I would bring out the Fresita for our family Christmas lunch - it's even the perfect colour to go with my Christmas colour scheme this year!

  14. Judi Adams December 15, 2011  6:06 am Reply

    this wine sounds delish

  15. Caroline Kelly December 15, 2011  6:17 am Reply

    The combination of strawberries and sparkling wine is great for any occasion. This Christmas, I can open a bottle, and Christmas presents.

  16. Effie December 15, 2011  9:53 am Reply

    Fresita will be enjoyed by the classy ladies at our Christmas party, while the men can stick to their beloved bogan beers!

  17. Ange December 15, 2011  10:00 am Reply

    Not only do we get fantastic recipes & photographs, every visit to your blog is as exciting as Christmas itself. Fresita would be a great ice-breaker for meeting our new neighbours for Christmas drinks!

  18. Rebecca Scarinci December 15, 2011  10:10 am Reply

    This wine has been my favorite for ages now.Doesn't even taste alcoholic

  19. lindamaree@mygardenfeast December 15, 2011  10:14 am Reply

    I love fruity wine! I tried this one at the Good Food & Wine Show in Melbourne this year and absolutely adored it! Fruit, no added sugar, sounds like the perfect Christmas Day Brekkie!

  20. Valerie Hildebrand December 15, 2011  10:17 am Reply

    Lovely......sounds very delicious! Thank you for the fun contest! Cheers, Valerie.

  21. Antonietta December 15, 2011  10:26 am Reply

    Celebrating with family with good food and wine, such as Fresita would make Christmas day perfect.

  22. Jess Louie December 15, 2011  10:53 am Reply

    Sounds so simple and fresh!

  23. Ash Mack December 15, 2011  11:38 am Reply

    I'm having a load of people over for Christmas dinner. This would certainly add a little strawberry sparkle to my celebrations. Hope I don't drink the lot and burn the turkey to smithereens like I did one year!

  24. Judi Adams December 15, 2011  12:01 pm Reply

    I did all three but still cannot locate an entry form online, could you post the link please

  25. Mishaps and mayhem of a gluten free life December 15, 2011  12:22 pm Reply

    This wine is amazing, a fruit explosion in your mouth! With 6 cases. I would maybe keep 1 but give the rest to my friends and family that have driven me around to endless Physio and Drs appointments, its a token of my appreciation for what they have done for me. My friends have a sweet taste in wine and will delight in being given a bottle of this. If I won it would be given to amazing people who stand up and help friends in times if need, unfortunately not many people do that! I stop before I cry! But great comp again, we need to re name u the Xmas comp queen! Xx

  26. kelly jones December 15, 2011  12:56 pm Reply

    This is the perfect girly treat, and it sounds refreshingly delicious

  27. kerry santillo December 15, 2011  1:20 pm Reply

    Oh yeah!!! love to try this for xmas!!

  28. Melissa K December 15, 2011  1:48 pm Reply

    This sounds delicious! thanks for the chance and good luck all!

  29. christine morris December 15, 2011  1:50 pm Reply

    Wow Friesta sounds like it's Party Time, just what i need lol, Yummy, would love the opportunity to try it out. Thank You . Merry Christmas :)

  30. Claudia December 15, 2011  2:02 pm Reply

    Yummy! Just in time for Summer - and oh so refreshing! Thanks for the great comp.

  31. Claudia December 15, 2011  2:11 pm Reply

    Oh - and how I would enjoy it is easy - sharing a bottle with my family on Christmas day, complete with extra strawberries dipped in a selection of white, milk and dark chocolate! Very decadent indeed.

  32. Julie M December 15, 2011  2:27 pm Reply

    When friends and family pop in, the Fresita will 'pop' out, adding a little extra sparkle to our Christmas Celebrations.

  33. Trish W December 15, 2011  2:50 pm Reply

    Fruity and fresh and perfect for the hot days of Summer ahead!

  34. Sandra Mills December 15, 2011  6:02 pm Reply

    Bottles of FRESITA for everyone under the tree, tears of delight knowing they are from me. A Sparkling Xmas Toast that we all enjoy the MOST. Thanks Fresita for spreading the good cheer this year!
    "Merry Xmas Everyone"

  35. Karlene Forrest December 15, 2011  8:58 pm Reply

    In our family we have a few drinks each over a big, traditional Christmas day luncheon so we'd get through the 6 bottles before afternoon tea Christmas cake and coffee.

  36. Carolyn Bowman December 16, 2011  8:04 am Reply

    Fresita is beautiful, I've had it with a ( Delicieux recipe) strawberry cheesecake, would be even better with Christmas cake and chocolate truffles or........... anything for that matter
    Happy Xmas

    • delicieux December 16, 2011  7:52 pm Reply

      Hi Carolyn,

      That's fantastic to hear you've had Fresita with a Delicieux recipe. I can imagine it would taste fantastic with the Strawberry Cheesecake. :D

      Happy Christmas to you and good luck in the competition!

  37. Wendy Kingdon December 16, 2011  1:16 pm Reply

    Hi I will be spending Christmas with my daughter and her husband for the first time in 11 years, and also my son and his family. It will be a great opportunity to introduce the girls to Fresita. I am not a big drinker but have to say I really enjoy Fresita, and am sure they will become regular consumers of the drink once I have introduced them to it. We may also try some of the cocktails as well. Keep safe and a happy new year to all.

  38. Janette December 16, 2011  1:30 pm Reply

    This would be perfect for Christmas Day,so festive and delicious, but would certainly love to try a glass before then!

  39. Airllie December 16, 2011  2:24 pm Reply

    Sipping Fresita inbetween spoonfulls of fresh berry trifle (vanilla cake drizzled in fresita, thick custard, thick cream and lots of fresh blueberries and strawberries layered in between) is just heaven in a sip and heaven on a spoon! Bubbles and bliss xoxo

  40. Robyn H December 16, 2011  5:12 pm Reply

    I also found Fresita at the Brisbane Food and Wine Show last year. Absolutely amazing stuff, I'd drink it like water if I was *slightly* less responsible :)

  41. Toni hill December 16, 2011  5:35 pm Reply

    Sounds very nice!!

  42. Hannah Plumb December 17, 2011  7:47 pm Reply

    After my first bottle of Fresita, I was hooked! The first time I drank it was at Christmas time, so now Christmas wouldn't be the same without it! Merry Christmas Fresita! xx

  43. Tristan December 17, 2011  10:16 pm Reply

    Like a refreshing adult cordial...Delectable!!!

  44. Jamie Bond December 18, 2011  8:58 am Reply

    Fresita is just divine. I love it and would love to get my family to try it as well. They will all fight me over it :)

  45. Vija December 19, 2011  8:10 pm Reply

    Sounds like the perfect summer drink.

  46. muppy December 20, 2011  2:49 pm Reply

    sounds refreshing!

  47. Alison Lee December 20, 2011  2:57 pm Reply

    Oooh lovely! LOVE the colour!

  48. Anita December 20, 2011  2:57 pm Reply

    In a freezy cup and share it with my sis!
    Now that some Fresita Christmas bliss!

  49. Jules December 20, 2011  3:11 pm Reply

    I'd love to celebrate it relaxing with a nice cold class :)

  50. Kylie- Jane Conaghan December 20, 2011  3:12 pm Reply

    Having 18+ daughters this wine sounds great for Christmas dinner and for New Years. It sounds like a fantastic wine to share with my daughters and husband.

  51. Tracy Boulter December 20, 2011  3:13 pm Reply

    Can't wait to try it, sound delicious

  52. Kylie- Jane Conaghan December 20, 2011  3:16 pm Reply

    This sounds like a fantastic wine for myself and husband and daughters to enjoy over christmas. Sounds like a great summer wine.

  53. Fiona December 20, 2011  3:21 pm Reply

    Mmmm, sounds so fresh and summery.... /)

  54. jasmine eastwood December 20, 2011  3:57 pm Reply

    would love to share this with family!

  55. Leeanne Bojovic December 20, 2011  4:45 pm Reply

    By the pool with my fanily as its sposed to be in the 30's phheewww

  56. gemmie alliston December 20, 2011  4:57 pm Reply

    Yum would be perfect after chrissy dinner!

  57. Josette December 20, 2011  6:34 pm Reply

    It looks enticing :) Makes me feel thirsty by just looking at it.

  58. Shay December 20, 2011  7:20 pm Reply

    It sounds amazing would love to try it!

  59. Nicole December 21, 2011  9:49 am Reply

    This sounds delicious, just the thing I need to help me get through family gatherings ;)

  60. Debbie O'Donnell December 26, 2011  10:14 pm Reply

    Love champagne and strawberries a little indulgence...

  61. Jamie Bond December 28, 2011  12:28 pm Reply

    Thank you sooooo much. Got my yummy Fresita Strawberry Sparkling wine case today. It's in the fridge getting chilled for me tonight! Thanks again for a great promotion!

    • delicieux December 30, 2011  7:25 pm Reply

      You're welcome Jamie. :D I hope you enjoy it. Happy New Year!


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