My chocolate affair

I fell in love with chocolate from the first moment I indulged in it.  I think there is barely a day I don’t indulge, however now days my tastes are more refined, and if I wish to indulge it will be with something truly wonderful.  I find the more special it is, the less you need, that’s not to say I don’t over indulge now and again….

I thought I would share with you some of my favourite chocolate providores, but would also like to hear about yours too (even purely for selfish purposes so that I can track it down and try it for myself).


Anvers is located in Latrobe, Tasmania in a wonderful California Bungalow style house which was built in 1931 and is set on 1.12 hectares of beautiful gardens.  Anvers holds a special place in my heart,  having grown up in Tasmania I love supporting anything Tasmanian and  I see myself as an ambassador for the wonderful gourmet produce that is now available in Tasmania.  Another reason Anvers holds a special place in my heart is that every time I go home to visit my family we make a day trip to visit Anvers for lunch (they have a lovely garden in which you can sit and partake lunch, my favourite is the ploughmans platter which is positively overflowing with cheese, meats and bread) and I then stock up on the wonderful chocolates.  My favourites are the Mint Truffles.  Flaky chocolate surrounding a wickedly smooth, seductive, melt in your mouth center.  My mouth is watering just thinking about them (note to self pick up a box from the Rosalie Gourmet Market on the way home from work tonight).

Anvers also produce some amazing fudge.  My favourite is the Chocolate Orange fudge, I am biased to anything chocolate orange, but all of the other flavours are amazing too.

Even if you don’t live close to Anvers their website offers online shopping, so you can indulge to your hearts content.



Haigh’s is definitely another favourite.  Sadly, it is not available here in Brisbane, so every time I am interstate for work I make sure to stock up.  I am sure they wonder what is going on when I leave the shop with bags full of chocolate!

I originally fell in love with Haigh’s when I lived in Melbourne and worked down the road from their shop in Collins Street.  Once a week I would pop in and purchase a range of things to have on my desk at work and share with work colleagues.  At the time, I was working at a customer site and it was a great way to get to know people as they would swarm to my desk when I returned from the store with my latest purchases.

My favourite Haigh’s items are the peppermint chocolate frogs, chocolate orange block chocolate (preferrably dark),  the caramel chocs along with the caramel and peppermint truffle bars.

If you happen to walk past a Haigh’s store and haven’t been in before I highly recommend that you stop in.  A word of warning though, Haigh’s is highly addictive!!!  You have been warned!

If you have a look at the website they have some wonderful recipes for cooking with their chocolate.  The dark chocolate desert cake looks to die for!!


Belle Fleur Fine Chocolates

Belle Fleur Fine Chocolates is located in Rozelle Sydney but is definitely worth tracking down.  I have only been there once, taken by my good friend and gourmet food idol, but I am already addicted.  She had been telling me about it for some time and I can tell you that it met the hype and then some.  The day we happened to visit was the day before Father’s Day and the store was jam packed.  On display were wonderful Father’s Day gifts made completely out of chocolate.  These included motorbikes, golf bag and clubs, tool sets and much more.  They were all works of art and would be a shame to eat. As usual, I purchased far too much, but rationalised it with the thought that it’s not a store I can get to every day. 


Max Brenner

I challenge you to walk past a Max Brenner store and not walk in.  The scent is just overwhelmingly irresistible.  Again, sadly, there is no Brisbane store, so it is something that I indulge in when I am in Melbourne or Sydney.  I find their Dark Hot Chocolate Orange impossible to pass up and their sweets are to die for.  I highly recommend the Chocolate Dome as well as the Chocolate Fondue served with fresh strawberries.


Brisbane's Top 10 Providores
Nigella bites - Lime and Chocolate cheesecake

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