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    1. by Collette Cesar on February 22, 2012  5:05 pm Reply

      Hi Jennifer,

      Just wanted to let you know that the problem I had a couple of weeks ago not being able to view any your recipes, particularly the Blood Plum Torte due to the Error message 404 coming up all the time, plus not being able clear the DNS cache file, well, guess what? My computer has now decided to let me acccess them again. Yay!!!! No more lugging out the old dinosaur of a laptop to view your new posts, I can now use the desktop computer. Don't you just love technology? Anyway, just thought I'd let you know, plus I'm loving the new recipe index you have listed. Now whenever I'm in the mood for a particular food I don't have to look very far at all.

      • by delicieux on February 24, 2012  3:56 pm Reply

        Hi Collette,

        I'm glad you managed to get it working again. That's great news!! And I'm so glad you enjoy the new recipe index. Hopefully it will make it easier for you to find a particular recipe.

        Thank you again for your lovely kind words. :D

    2. by Vicki Warne on April 10, 2012  1:38 pm Reply

      I have just printed off one of your recipes. I am just wonderting what is SUMAC and where can I buy it.
      Thanks heaps, Vicki

      • by delicieux on April 10, 2012  1:50 pm Reply

        Hi Vicki,

        Sumac is a pretty reddish purple coloured spice that is tart in flavour. It's beautiful in salads. You can usually find it at the supermarket in the spice section. I know Coles and Woolworths usually stock it. Hopefully you won't have any problems getting hold of any. If you can't find it though, try adding lemon zest in place of the sumac. :D

    3. by Tammy marshall née towns on July 10, 2012  9:12 pm Reply

      This looks fantastic. Can't wait to try some recipes

      • by Jennifer on July 16, 2012  2:26 pm Reply

        I hope you enjoy them Tammy :D

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