How to make strawberry sorbet

Isn’t it amazing how things can change in the blink of an eye?  Next Wednesday we were supposed to be flying out for our much anticipated holiday to the United States, but alas, an accidental injury means we’ve had to cancel.

When we woke up on Thursday morning I excitedly said “13 days to go!”.  I’d been counting down the days for the last few weeks, such was my excitement at our holiday, in which we were going to visit San Francisco, Las Vegas and New York.  Later that morning my boyfriend headed outside to put out our rubbish bins for collection.  Our front garden and drive way are on a slope, and as my boyfriend was wheeling the rubbish bins down the driveway one of the bins started to run away.  He tried to stop it with one foot and as he did so his other foot slipped off the curb and as he fell he heard an almighty crack.

A trip to the hospital confirmed our worst fears, what we hoped was a sprain that would recover quickly still enabling is to go on our holiday, was in fact a break, and a break that required immediate surgery and an end to our holiday plans.

This holiday was supposed to take advantage of my time off,  before starting a new job, where getting a months leave would be difficult.  While we can certainly re-use the itinerary I spent a month researching and putting together, it will probably be sometime next year before we will be able get leave from work at the same time again.

Given our disappointment at cancelling our trip, I wanted to share something bright and cheery.   Bright red and luscious strawberry sorbet is enough to cheer anyone I think.  For this recipe, I turned to the ever talented David Lebovitz and his recipe for Strawberry Sorbet from his Perfect Scoop book, which of course, I tweaked a little to suit our tastes.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Have you ever had to cancel a holiday you were looking forward to?

Strawberry sorbet recipe


How to make strawberry sorbet


Strawberry Sorbet
Recipe adapted from David Lebovitz’s The Perfect Scoop
Makes about 750mls


  • 450 g (1 pound) fresh strawberries, rinsed & hulled
  • 3/4 cup (150g) sugar
  • 1 tbsp Vodka
  • 1 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • pinch of salt
  • pinch of freshly ground black pepper



1. Slice the strawberries and place in a bowl with the sugar, black pepper and vodka.  Stir so that the sugar starts to dissolve.

2. Cover the bowl with plastic cling film and refrigerate for one hour, stirring every so often.

3. Purée the strawberries and their liquid together in a food processor, along with the lemon juice and sea salt until smooth.

4. P ass the mixture through a sieve in order to remove the seeds and ensure a smooth silky consistency.

5. Place the pureed strawberries back into the bowl and refridgerate for a couple of hours, until thoroughly chilled.

6. Pour the chilled mixture into your ice cream maker and churn according to the manufacturers instructions.


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  1. Sukaina April 25, 2011  3:34 pm Reply

    Hey Jennifer....I hope the other half is recovering well. These things happen for a reason (the holiday cancellation, not the leg break!) but you seem so positive about it. And I'm sure you will have a blast next year. Sorbet does indeed look cheerful :)

  2. CC11 April 25, 2011  3:40 pm Reply

    I'm so sorry you had to cancel your trip. Luckily we have never had to cancel a trip but we have had to postpone our annual yearly holiday until next year. I hope your partner's break heals quickly, my hubby broke his foot playing XBOX kinect and it took forever to heal and he was moping the entire time - I should have made him a strawberry sorbet like this to cheer him up :)

    • delicieux April 25, 2011  3:43 pm Reply

      Thanks Chanel :) Your poor hubby, isn't it amazing that a foot can be broken so easily. How along ago did your hubby do this? You wouldn't expect people to break their foot taking out the rubbish bin or playing Xbox Kinect would you? I am sure you consoled your hubby with something delicious though :D

  3. muppy April 25, 2011  4:39 pm Reply

    This looks exceptionally good, I imagine you needed the vodka in it after having such a nightmare. I feel so disappointed for you. I hope your boyfriend recovers well.

    We booked our first overseas holiday a few years ago to Sri Lanka, a helping hands tour with nrma but it was cancelled due to hostilities over there. I was absolutely devastated. Fortunately a couple of years later we had the opportunity to live overseas for 6 months with my husbands job. You never know what the future holds :)

  4. Dzenana April 25, 2011  8:12 pm Reply

    I'm so sorry to hear about your boyfriend's foot and the cancelled holiday! :(
    I hope he's doing better now though.

    Your sorbet looks amazing! Hopefully it can cheer the two of you up!
    My recent post Cranberry and Hazelnut Biscotti

  5. Nicole@HeatOvenTo350 April 26, 2011  12:59 am Reply

    I'm so sorry about your cancelled trip! Hope your boyfriend heals up well. He's lucky he has a girlfriend with such a great attitude about things.
    My recent post Ham and Cheddar Scones

  6. Stephanie April 26, 2011  12:15 pm Reply

    That is such a disappointment! At least when you reschedule your trip, you'll have it all planned out already. This sorbet is beautiful and sounds like a delicious distraction.
    My recent post Slow Cooker Monday- Sweet &amp Sour Beans

  7. Soma April 26, 2011  1:25 pm Reply

    So sorry to hear about the accident and the cancellation of the trip:(

    This is def. a recipe to cheer one up. what a spectacular color!
    My recent post Bhaja Muger Dal-Roasted Mung Soup

  8. @fitterthanchoc April 27, 2011  12:51 am Reply

    I'm really sorry to hear about the recent turn of events, and how you've to cancel your trip. Sometimes, life can be so unpredictable. I hope that your boyfriend is recovering well. His well-being is ultimately more important. I'm sure he must have been cheered up by this strawberry sorbet. It looks too good!
    My recent post ANZAC Biscuits Gluten-free &amp Vegan

    • delicieux April 27, 2011  10:26 am Reply

      Thanks Kayla. I'm so disappointed, but I'm thankful this didn't happen while we were away, that would have been horrible. I hope we get to go soon, meanwhile, I'm trying to cancel everything.

  9. Not Quite Nigella April 27, 2011  4:46 pm Reply

    Aww I'm so sorry to hear that he was hurt and that the trip was cancelled. But like you have done, look on the rosy side of life with this lovely sorbet! :D
    My recent post Flavour of India- Edgecliff

  10. Anh April 28, 2011  10:01 am Reply

    this must be the most delicious strawberry sorbet photo I have seen. Truly!

  11. Trudy~Veggienumnum April 28, 2011  11:24 am Reply

    Jennifer, what sad news, I am so sorry to hear you had to cancel your holiday!! I really hope your boyfriends break is not too bad and that you find something new to look forward to soon. Having a holiday canceled is a real disappointment but, this vibrant and sweet strawberry sorbet looks so happy and very yummy!!
    My recent post Caldo Verde

  12. Nemo June 4, 2011  5:29 pm Reply

    Colour is amazing.

    What can be used instead of vodka, and how much of it would be required?

    • delicieux June 27, 2011  7:34 am Reply

      Hi Nemo :) You could skip the vodka altogether if you like, however the alcohol does help prevent the sorbet from freezing too hard. I use Vodka because it does not interfere with the final taste, but you could use whatever alcohol or liqueur you like.


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