WIN 1 of 10 De Bortoli La Boheme & Rococo Blanc de Blancs Gift Packs!!

De Bortoli La Boheme Gift BoxHow would you like some De Bortoli wine to kick off this festive season?  Well, thanks to the wonderful team at De Bortoli wines I get to act like Santa and giveaway some fantastic De Bortoli wine gift packs!!!!

De Bortoli are giving away 10 La Boheme gift packs and 10 gift boxed bottles of Rococo Blanc de Blancs Sparkling wine to Delicieux readers!!  Now, that is a reason to celebrate! 10 winners will be selected at random and each winner will receive a La Boheme gift pack AND a gift boxed Rococo Blanc de Blancs Sparkling Wine.

So, a little about these terrific wines I have to give away.

The La Bohème range of wines pays tribute to the Yarra Valley’s own Dame Nellie Melba and one of her most well-known operas, La Bohème, based in the characterful Latin Quarter of 1880’s Paris and comes in beautifully designed bottles that would be a fantastic centrepiece to any Christmas table. The La Boheme gift pack includes two of my favourite wines – Act One Sauvignon Semillon Rolle and Act Two Dry Pinot Noir Rosé.

I’ll freely admit I’m not normally a fan of Rosé, but when I tried the La Boheme Pinot Noir Rosé at my favourite restaurant 6 months ago I became an instant fan.  It’s the perfect summer drinking wine that has hints of red fruits and strawberry.  I normally find Rosé’s quite heavy, but the La Boheme was delicious, light and summery.  The Sauvignon Semillon Rolle is equally delicious with grassy citrus notes and is crisp and delicious and perfectly suited for summer.

If you are looking for ideas on what food to serve with these fabulous wines check out De Bortoli’s recipe suggestions on their website which includes delicious vegetarian options such as Pasta Alla Chitarra with Eggplant and Ricotta Salata, Baked Ricotta and Roasted Rosemary Polenta Chips and options for meat lovers including Rabbit Cotoletta with Insalata Rosso and Salmon, Mascarpone and Dill Crepes.


De Bortoli Rococo Blanc de Blancs

The Rococo Blanc de Blancs comes in an absolutely gorgeous gift box.  Rococo combines the French word rocaille (shell) with the Italian barocco (Baroque) and is the name given to the highly decorative art and design of 18th Century Europe which incorporated shell motifs. The Rococo Blanc de Blancs offers subtle biscuit-like aromas with citrus and white pear characters, it’s pale in colour with green tinges and just the right amount of bubbles.

De Bortoli are kindly offering Delicieux readers a chance to win 1 of 10 La Boheme and Rococo Blanc de Blancs gift packs.  Each of the 10 winners will receive a La Boheme Gift Pack (containing Act One Sauvignon Semillon Rolle and Act Two Dry Pinot Noir Rosé) AND a gift boxed Rococo Blanc de Blanc Sparkling wine.  If you would like to win simply follow the instructions below.

  1. You will receive ONE entry for each task you complete below.  For example if you leave a comment below you receive 1 entry. If you leave a comment and Like De Bortoli on Facebook you will receive 2 entries.  If you leave a comment, Like De Bortoli on Facebook and Like Delicieux on Facebook you will receive 3 entries.
  2. Additionally, if you Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter every day you will receive 1 EXTRA entry for EVERY day you do this.
  3. Most importantly, as you complete each task don’t forget to click “I Did This” on the entry form to record your entry!

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  1. Effie December 7, 2011  9:08 am Reply

    De Bortoli wines are perfect for any occasion, but they will be fabulous for me this Christmas as we will be having a traditional lamb-on-the-spit and plenty of Greek side dishes, and the wines will complement these foods wonderfully!

  2. Narelle Rock December 7, 2011  9:09 am Reply

    This would be perfect to get me through Christmas!

  3. Mishaps and mayhem of a gluten free life December 7, 2011  9:15 am Reply

    Wow! What an amazing comp! Not only am I a lover of wine, I also love the almost 20s like art on the box! So unique and filled with delicious wines! I'm not sure if I can give this one away or if I would keep it myself! Once again amazing art work, I'm a love of the art decor of the 20s!

    • delicieux December 7, 2011  9:23 am Reply

      I love the art on the La Boheme bottles too. They are almost too pretty to drink, but too delicious not too!

  4. Linda December 7, 2011  9:18 am Reply

    With DeBortoli wine as my regular companion I will breeze my way through every social engagement with poise and decorum!

  5. Julie December 7, 2011  9:56 am Reply

    Would go well with Christmas dinner

  6. Jenny December 7, 2011  10:00 am Reply

    I must admit that beautiful packaging is always high on the criteria when choosing wine. It's a yes from me!

  7. Catrina Murray December 7, 2011  10:02 am Reply

    What generosity before Christmas! Good luck everyone!

  8. Lisa December 7, 2011  10:06 am Reply

    Wow, this is a great competition! I'm to be married next weekend, and I think that these beautiful bottles of wine (which are almost too lovely to drink really) will be a perfect celebration over the Christmas period.

    • delicieux December 7, 2011  11:22 am Reply

      Congratulations on your upcoming wedding Lisa. Best wishes for a wonderful day and good luck in the competition :)

  9. Elizabeth (ejay) December 7, 2011  10:12 am Reply

    I'll be spending Christmas with my wonderful family and celebrating with De Bortoli sparkling wines.
    (A personal favourite is Pink Moscato - I haven't yet tried the new Rococo Blanc de Blancs .....

  10. amie nicholson December 7, 2011  10:27 am Reply

    this would make my christmas, awesome giveaway

  11. Anita December 7, 2011  10:28 am Reply

    Looks fabulous! Thanks so much!! :D

  12. Melissa Krohn December 7, 2011  10:28 am Reply

    Will be sharing the love of wine, deBortoli tastes SUBLIME!!!

  13. lynne lillington December 7, 2011  10:29 am Reply

    I cant think of a better way to toast christmas and New Year than with a bottle of Rococo Blanc de Blancs Sparkling wine , Oh yes I can 2 bottles.

  14. Toni hill December 7, 2011  10:38 am Reply

    By sharing it with my family :)

  15. Alison Lee December 7, 2011  10:40 am Reply

    Oh they are the most stunning bottles I have ever seen! These would really impress at Christmas!!

    Good luck everyone x

  16. Debra Moody December 7, 2011  10:41 am Reply

    Thank you DeBortoli wine's for giving me the chance to win some of your great wines.

  17. Julie M December 7, 2011  10:43 am Reply

    With great neighbours as good friends we have decided to spend the day all together this Christmas. There will be five families sharing a lot of food, plenty of De Bortoli wines and more than a few great laughs. I'm really looking forward to it!

  18. Katrina Tomaszek December 7, 2011  10:46 am Reply

    These bottles will complement the well-dressed table and add to the deliciousness of our sumptious feast! I love Christmas :)

  19. Lisa December 7, 2011  10:46 am Reply

    Wow what a great competition! I'm to be married next weekend and I think these beautiful bottles of wine (which are almost too pretty to drink really!) will be perfect for celebrations over the Christmas period.

  20. Trish W December 7, 2011  10:49 am Reply

    I am in love with the decorative art on the bottle!

    • delicieux December 7, 2011  11:20 am Reply

      Me too, it's gorgeous isn't it :)

  21. Bel Shepherd December 7, 2011  10:58 am Reply

    Wow, how gorgeous do these look!

  22. abby December 7, 2011  11:07 am Reply

    These would go so well with my Christmas lunch I have planned. I was lucky enough to be taken to De Bortoli for lunch last week by my Aunty and the Rose was beautiful!

  23. Tammy Jones December 7, 2011  11:22 am Reply

    awsome good luck everyone :)

  24. Lily December 7, 2011  11:39 am Reply

    What a great giveaway! I love that all of your giveaways are such great quality prizes :) Fingers crossed! ;)

    • delicieux December 7, 2011  12:52 pm Reply

      Thanks Lily, and good luck! :)

  25. joanne December 7, 2011  11:58 am Reply

    Certainly would add some Christmas cheer - love the packaging..

  26. kimberley Headford December 7, 2011  12:03 pm Reply

    Christmas will be spent sharing summer sunshine
    with a family feast and drinking De Bortelli wine
    enjoying because good things should combine

  27. Antonietta December 7, 2011  12:24 pm Reply

    With De Bortoli Wines, Christmas will be fine,
    Relaxing over a glass of red,
    not too many now, or they'll go straight to my head,
    I don't want to miss out on lovely food and our guests

  28. Jen December 7, 2011  12:40 pm Reply

    What a fantastic giveaway!! Good luck everyone!!

  29. Carolyn December 7, 2011  1:05 pm Reply

    Yum! I've re-discovered Rose and have been having a fabulous time finding a new favorite. Maybe I can find it in the La Boheme pack??

  30. Ange December 7, 2011  2:50 pm Reply

    My husband and I won't be with our extended families this year so just the two of us, a casual BBQ and De Bortoli wines at home - perfect. You've made such a good description of the Rose that I'm going to give it a go.
    Well done Jenn on another fantastic competition to complement your website.

  31. Jess Louie December 7, 2011  3:34 pm Reply

    This is a great idea, thanks for posting this. I'm glad I am a subscriber. :)

  32. Sarah Armstrong December 7, 2011  4:53 pm Reply

    I'll need this to get through the family dinner on Christmas day.

  33. kerry santillo December 7, 2011  5:30 pm Reply

    I will celebrate merrily know!!! thanks for a chance :)

  34. Jenny wright December 7, 2011  5:31 pm Reply

    What a great comp! My husband and I are going to have a really quiet Christmas day at home this year. It would be lovely to enjoy a nice glass of chilled De Bortoli on the front deck

  35. Linda Hynson December 7, 2011  6:18 pm Reply

    Love to try this for xmas and new year:-)

  36. Maria December 7, 2011  6:35 pm Reply

    A truly happy day for us this Christmas with all the family - including grandparents and well travelled kids, together in the one place for the day for the first time in many years. We will toast our good fortune with a glass of beautiful De Bortoli Chardonnay.

  37. Natasha Andrews December 7, 2011  6:39 pm Reply

    Love the beautiful art work...they would certainly add to the atmosphere at a celebration :)

  38. Leonie Mccallum December 7, 2011  7:01 pm Reply

    Im attending a family Christmas lunch where they are supplying the food and my contribution is the wine so these De Bortoli wines would be perfect!

  39. Natala Ferigo December 7, 2011  7:40 pm Reply

    Just a quiet family Christmas for hubby, myself and our 3 children. My family are either estranged or live in NZ, and hubby is estranged from his dragon...I mean, Mother ;p
    We are non drinkers but I know a fabulous older couple who live nearby & are the grandparents that our children don't have. They deserve a little luxury in their not-so-merry lives, and this De Bortoli would be the perfect accompaniment to my gift of a homemade white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake.
    Thanks for the fantastic opportunity to win. Have a lovely Christmas xxx

    • delicieux December 7, 2011  8:17 pm Reply

      Awww how sweet you want to win the wine for other people. Best of luck in the competition! :)

  40. Alana Ashford December 7, 2011  9:18 pm Reply

    I am the youngest of Seven so Christmas is about Family, Good Times, Festive Food, Laughter, Talking, Catching Up, Celebrating and Creating New Memories with a little the help of De Bortoli!

  41. Melissa K December 7, 2011  9:29 pm Reply

    By sharing it with my close family for Christmas Lunch.

  42. Sacha December 8, 2011  6:04 am Reply

    I would love to win this and give it to my newlywed sister - they live ont he other side of the country and I miss her heaps!

  43. Nicole Disbrey December 8, 2011  8:50 am Reply

    What a lovely christmas gift these would make! Love the concept and i'm sure the wine is delicious too!

  44. Yvonne Lim December 8, 2011  11:26 am Reply

    i am going to share it with my families and friends! thanking them for a year of love and more love to come:)

  45. Ann Sculley December 8, 2011  11:43 am Reply

    Thanks so much!! Would love a chance to win :)

  46. Mishaps and mayhem of a gluten free life December 8, 2011  6:45 pm Reply

    Unfortunately last year I was the innocent victim of a car accident, as a result I sustained spinal cord, neck, back and hip injuries and haven't been able to work since. During this time I could only drive for a short period of time. I had lots of appointments to go to and was fortunate enough to have an amazing husband, family and friends who drove me around all this time! If I won this prize, I would give a bottle to those who have supported me so much in this trying time, a small thank you in a hard financial time along with some yummy home made treats! It would mean so much to win, to show my loved ones how much I appreciate everything they have done for me!

  47. Julia December 8, 2011  8:06 pm Reply

    If I won this Delicious prize I would be singing arias all Christmas! But then I guess I would be nice and share it with my family and friends.

  48. Kirsty Gee December 8, 2011  8:15 pm Reply

    Think we will start the day with a pre show glass of Rococo Blanc de Blancs sparkling, then for Act One, Sauvignon Semillon Rolle to wash down some chilli lime prawns on the bbq, then for Act Two, Dry Pinot Noir Rose to go with a beautifully cooked whole salmon.......guess its going to be a seafood chrissy this year

  49. Ash M December 8, 2011  8:25 pm Reply

    Fantastic. I'm having 10 people over for dinner on Christmas Day. These will help loosen me up before they arrive haha.

  50. Collette Cesar December 8, 2011  8:26 pm Reply

    Must say I'm a fan of any Rose and this one would look great on the Xmas table.

  51. Sarah December 8, 2011  8:48 pm Reply

    Gorgeous giveaway! Am obsessed with De Bortoli! Fingers crossed.

  52. Serene December 8, 2011  8:54 pm Reply

    I'd love some liquid love from De Bortoli...
    If drink too much, I'll be on the floor all roly poly!
    If Santa gave me a present this festively fine...
    I'd have absolutely no reason to whinge and WINE!!

  53. Leanne Westerling December 8, 2011  9:56 pm Reply

    Everybody loves a drink of wine with Christmas lunch, I always have a couple of choices available.

  54. Vija December 8, 2011  9:59 pm Reply

    Wine is perfect for toasting the important things in life.

  55. lyndel rowe December 8, 2011  10:37 pm Reply

    Xmas without Rococo Blanc de Blancs sparkling s are like knickers without elastic - they fall flat
    It's a knock-out with its clever boxing

  56. lyndel rowe December 8, 2011  10:37 pm Reply

    Xmas without Rococo Blanc de Blancs sparkling are like knickers without elastic - they fall flat
    It's a knock-out with its clever boxing

  57. Helen Bradley December 8, 2011  10:42 pm Reply

    Christmas Day will be a family gathering, lots of festive fun, food and the best De Bortoli wines

  58. silvana gutierrez December 8, 2011  10:57 pm Reply

    lovely giveaway

  59. Jodie Harlow December 8, 2011  11:02 pm Reply

    Thank you for the opportunity to play for a bottle of vino ... nothing says Merry Christmas better :)

  60. Monica scurlock December 8, 2011  11:38 pm Reply

    Lovely gift box....i'm sure it tastes as good as it looks!

  61. Chris Pritchard December 9, 2011  5:50 am Reply

    Wow, these look absolutely stunning and I bet they taste even better. Only problem is stopping at one, I can only try! ;)

  62. Fiona Heard December 9, 2011  6:06 am Reply

    Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, I love De Bortoli bubbly at Christmas time.

  63. Lucie Campbell December 9, 2011  6:23 am Reply

    With delicious De Bortoli I will toast to my whole family and wish them the best 2012 hoping all their dreams come true :)

    Merry Christmas and thank you :)

  64. Leeanne Bojovic December 9, 2011  7:33 am Reply

    I have enter and shared, thanks for the chances to enter such a fantastic prize my mum will love this.

  65. Alicia December 9, 2011  10:38 am Reply

    What a delicious way to start the festive season with family and friends. I bet it tastes fantastic!

  66. Allie Apps December 9, 2011  10:56 am Reply

    La Boheme and Rococo Blanc de Blancs gift packs are an amazing gift to give to your loved ones and an experience unlike any other wine.
    Imagine sitting down with a bottle and enjoying the feast of Rabbit Cotoletta with Insalata Rosso and Salmon, Mascarpone and Dill Crepes, unbelivable.

  67. Julia December 9, 2011  1:07 pm Reply

    sharing de bortoli wine with loved ones :) x

  68. Jill Walton December 9, 2011  1:41 pm Reply

    Wow, what a beautiful thing. Too precious to give away?

  69. Linda Timms December 9, 2011  4:25 pm Reply

    Mums all need a glass of wine or two to get through Christmas.

  70. Jacky Burkett December 9, 2011  5:01 pm Reply

    Sitting on the deck toasting the family's health & happiness with a bottle of Rococo Blanc de Blane.

  71. Maree D December 9, 2011  6:37 pm Reply

    I love De Bortoli and always look for the name when I'm having dinner at restuarants

  72. Lauren Anastasiou December 9, 2011  9:06 pm Reply

    Now THAT'S what I call Christmas Cheer!

  73. Rebecca Kleid December 10, 2011  1:38 am Reply

    I am heading to Noosa Spring Golf Resort with my hubby and toddler to enjoy some good family time after spending some time overseas with work. I can't wait to just chill once the son is in bed and enjoy some wine on the balcony with my beloved husband!!

  74. Fiona Nuttall December 10, 2011  7:10 am Reply

    We love Debertolli. Local to us.
    This packaging is outrageous.

  75. Katie R K December 10, 2011  10:57 am Reply

    I think that my family would celebrate with the De Bortoli a d Rococo Blanc de Blancs by gathering around our Christmas table and remembering what it means to be together!

  76. Penny George December 11, 2011  10:04 am Reply

    De Bortoli IS celebration!!!

  77. Mommydoll13 December 11, 2011  2:18 pm Reply

    for a romantic evening with my hubby when the kiddies are at nana's

  78. Richard December 11, 2011  2:24 pm Reply

    FESTIVE FIZZ!! De Bortoli... YAY!!!

  79. kelly jones December 11, 2011  2:34 pm Reply

    These would be a welcome choice at the christmas table this year, thet sound simply gorgeous

  80. Tracy Boulter December 11, 2011  4:28 pm Reply

    Beautifully boxed and sound like just my tastes, very enticing.

  81. Tegan LP December 11, 2011  8:32 pm Reply

    LOVE the Dry Pinot Rose!

  82. Dorien jacobson December 12, 2011  8:29 am Reply

    Summer time is time to celebrate life. I can't think of a better way than with delicious bubbles!

  83. Dawn Taylor December 12, 2011  12:04 pm Reply

    A wonderful prize to share, in the season of giving and sharing.

  84. Hari December 12, 2011  2:28 pm Reply

    De Bortoli is phenomenal, though its a little difficult to lay a hand on, my part of the world. Must say, am dreaming of South of Italy, truffle and omlette and some of the De Bortoli! Viva Puglia!Viva Rick Stein for sharing all the information and experience

  85. Jennifer Bush December 12, 2011  9:38 pm Reply

    2011 is split between two families for us this Christmas... Double the festivities and fun!! :)

  86. Sharon Johnson December 13, 2011  2:16 am Reply

    De Bertoli was my first choice when buying a gift for my dad. For the man who has everything you always please him.

  87. Caroline Kelly December 13, 2011  2:34 pm Reply

    A perfectly timed giveaway for end-of-year celebrations.

  88. laura butler December 15, 2011  4:57 pm Reply


  89. Karlene Forrest December 15, 2011  9:07 pm Reply


  90. Debbie O'Donnell December 26, 2011  10:18 pm Reply

    Can't wait to try these two delectable wines on my table...


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