Win 1 of 6 twin packs of Windy Peak wine!!

WIN a Windy Peak wine gift pack

How about a give away to celebrate the weekend? And I can think of no better way to celebrate than with some beautiful Windy Peak wines. De Bortoli, producers of Windy Peak, are giving away 6 Windy Peak twin gift packs (pictured above) to Delicieux readers!!

The gift packs contain the heroes of the Windy Peak range, the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The Chardonnay is produced using fruit grown mainly on Dixons Creek vineyard, but also from Tarrawarra and Yarra Glen, with a small amount of fruit from the upper Yarra. The fruit is harvested in the cool of night and is fermented in a combination of cask and tank with the lees stirred regularly until spring for complexity and creaminess. It has soft, creamy flavours with balanced acidity and texture and a bouquet displaying hints of white peach, grapefruit and a slight nuttiness.

The Pinot Noir also uses fruit grown in Dixons Creek, Tarrawarra and Yarra Glen. It’s full, with plump red and dark fruit flavours with soft tannin and good structure are enhanced by cherry like Pinot fruit aromas, with hints of forest and herb. A combination of winemaking techniques are used to produce a final blend with complexity and balance.

The wines in the Windy Peak range are produced following the De Bortoli Family philosophy; to create wines with a ‘sense of place’. These wines are reflective of some of the most renowned winemaking regions in Victoria, from the cool and often plush Yarra Valley to the more inland climates of Heathcote and the King Valley. They are, as Leanne De Bortoli describes, “very approachable wines to be shared with family and friends over a good meal”.

So, if you would like to win these delicious wines simply follow the instructions below.

  1. Competition is only open to Australian residents only, and you must be over 18 to enter.
  2. You will need to log in to enter using the entry form below. Either using your Facebook account or name and email address (you can find this below the Facebook login button).
  3. You will receive ONE (1) entry for each task you complete below. For example if you leave a comment below you receive 1 entry. If you leave a comment and Like De Bortoli on Facebook you will receive 2 entries. If you leave a comment, Like De Bortoli on Facebook and Like Delicieux on Facebook you will receive 3 entries. In total there are 14 different ways you can enter with DAILY entry options to increase your chances of winning!
  4. For 3 bonus entries, answer the simple question in the entry form below!!
  5. Additionally, if you Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter every day or share this post on Facebook everyday you will receive one (1) EXTRA entry for EVERY day you do this.
  6. To enter select the entry option and click on the +1 Do It button to follow the entry instructions and record your entry. This step is important otherwise your entry won’t count!!!! And don’t forget to do this for EACH task you complete!
  7. The more times you enter the greater your chance of winning!
  8. 6 winners will be chosen and the winners will receive a Windy Peak twin gift pack, as shown above.

Good luck!!!

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  1. Narelle Rock April 27, 2012  11:37 am Reply

    A romantic dinner with hubby when he comes home from interstate, just the 2 of us.

  2. Ally L April 27, 2012  11:45 am Reply

    Ooohy lovely, this would be great for Hubbys upcoming birthday dinner!! Roast and wine... Bliss!

  3. Tess Thomson April 27, 2012  12:04 pm Reply

    I'd love to win this wine pack as a fabulous excuse to throw a dinner party and continue trying the fabulous recipes you offer up.

  4. Charmaine Campbell April 27, 2012  12:24 pm Reply

    Would make a lovely Mother's Day present to myself!

  5. Caroline Kelly April 27, 2012  12:25 pm Reply

    With good friends and food.

  6. Dianne Childs April 27, 2012  12:34 pm Reply

    I'd love to enjoy the wine on a relaxing weekend with hubby. We don't get time to relax together during the week!

  7. kerry santillo April 27, 2012  1:15 pm Reply

    A beautiful picnic in the Adelaide hill, romantic pleasures.

  8. melanie w April 27, 2012  1:16 pm Reply

    A relaxing dvd on the couch with hubby would be lovely :0)

  9. Sharon Johnson April 27, 2012  3:52 pm Reply

    Sharing it over a few laughs with family at an upcoming engagement party.

  10. Michelle Young April 27, 2012  6:53 pm Reply

    I'd love to share this with my mother-in-law, and grandmother-in-law on mothers day.

  11. Vija April 27, 2012  7:00 pm Reply

    Windy Peak wines are really pleasing on the palate and perfect to be enjoyed with dinner

  12. sussi mallon April 27, 2012  7:03 pm Reply

    Love love love Windy Peak, always a delicious drop!

  13. sharon parsell April 27, 2012  7:28 pm Reply

    A nice and quiet weekend with my loveable hubby xx

  14. Sally Cole April 27, 2012  11:54 pm Reply

    Girls night in... Red for my dear friend, white for me! Everyone is happy xxx

  15. Diane Carpenter April 28, 2012  3:03 am Reply

    I'll enjoy this with my husband at our favourite Thai restaurant on our regular date night, I drink mainly white and he drinks mainly red so it's perfect

  16. Melissa K April 28, 2012  8:24 am Reply

    A romantic picnic with my dear partner...

  17. Mel Moran April 28, 2012  1:37 pm Reply

    I can't wait to throw out my maternity bras forever and have a Windy Peak celebration!!

  18. christine pavitt April 28, 2012  3:08 pm Reply

    I will keep the Pinot Noir for myself and give the Chardonnay to my daughter for Mother's Day.

  19. sharon parsell April 28, 2012  3:27 pm Reply

    I would share my win with my hubby, would be nice
    to have a lovely wine with our dinner...
    Or maybe i will share with my daughter on the 14th May
    when she turns 21 xx
    Thank you x

  20. Amanda Gorton April 28, 2012  8:39 pm Reply

    I really hope to celebrate my with my partner when he 'pops' the question, with a glass of windy peak!

  21. Sian April 28, 2012  8:40 pm Reply

    By myself in a nice relaxing bath when the hubby and 2 boys have gone fishing (so I don't have to share!)

  22. Helen jacobson April 29, 2012  8:44 am Reply

    A lovely gift to share with he mn I love!

  23. Cathy Bowdler April 29, 2012  9:02 am Reply

    Windy Peak wine will be enjoyed with family, more than likely on our deck as we watch the sun set on another beautiful day.

  24. Bridget. H. April 29, 2012  10:48 am Reply


  25. lynne lillington April 29, 2012  1:00 pm Reply

    I love this for our anniversary dinner.

  26. Dawn Taylor April 29, 2012  2:15 pm Reply

    Never tasted any alcohol that doesn't taste like bitter medicine, but my baby sister would certainly appreciate this.

  27. Dawn Taylor April 29, 2012  2:19 pm Reply

    Keeps telling me I've already made any comment I write, so hope this comment will be accepted

  28. Rebecca Thyer April 29, 2012  3:01 pm Reply

    Windy Peaks wine would be perfect for celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary coming up this year

    • Rita Maguire April 29, 2012  5:25 pm Reply

      With some ripe cheese I suspect!

  29. Amanda newell April 29, 2012  8:59 pm Reply

    I plan on sharing the wine with my mother - she works so hard and would be so deserving of a nice glass of wine over a dinner I make for her.

  30. Joanne Williams April 30, 2012  6:52 pm Reply

    The label alone makes me want to drink it - love the autumn theme!

  31. rebecca hendy May 1, 2012  11:51 am Reply


  32. Jasmine Eastwood May 1, 2012  12:00 pm Reply

    i'd enjoy this with my mum on mothers day!

  33. Jess May 1, 2012  6:48 pm Reply

    I plan to enjoy a glass with my husband. :)

  34. Linda C May 2, 2012  11:35 am Reply

    My huband loves his wine. I'll save the wine for a special evening, for us both to enjoy.

  35. Tracy Boulter May 2, 2012  10:10 pm Reply

    I just love De Bortoli wines, shared some with my daughter and now she is a big fan too.

    • delicieux May 3, 2012  3:10 pm Reply

      I contacted De Bortoli with your question and this is their response "Depending on the exact winemaking techniques employed on individual varieties and vintages they may or may not be suitable for vegans." Sorry I can't get a more concise answer but things can vary vintage to vintage.

  36. Wanda McHenry May 4, 2012  2:04 pm Reply

    I'd plan this for a nice quiet evening at home with hubby.

  37. Antonietta May 4, 2012  6:12 pm Reply

    I'd enjoy my Windy Peak on a Friday night with my husband, with pj's on and playing Golf on Wii. That's what I call relaxing, just hope I can hit the ball without slicing it :)

  38. Linda Hynson May 4, 2012  7:49 pm Reply

    With my sister on a Friday afternoon once the working week is over:-)

  39. Rich K May 8, 2012  4:15 am Reply

    On a lazy sunday sitting outside enjoying the sun

  40. Lauren Anastasiou May 9, 2012  12:42 am Reply

    Girls night in - takeaways, girly movies, gossip and a bottle of Windy Peak (or two!) Can't wait.

  41. Julia Robertson May 9, 2012  6:17 am Reply

    Windy Peak has been a favourite in our family for years now. Just Love It!

  42. Michael Potter May 9, 2012  3:33 pm Reply

    I intend to use my Windy Peak Gift Pack to reward myself for gaining my diploma!

  43. Julie Morello May 9, 2012  7:32 pm Reply

    We enjoy a bottle of wine nightly with our meal. Windy Peak is one of our favourites.

  44. sarahjane May 9, 2012  8:17 pm Reply

    liked the 2 pages :)

  45. carol barralet August 1, 2012  7:10 am Reply

    Just discovered this site, it looks great. I'm cooking some of the receipes today.

  46. Melissa November 6, 2012  8:57 am Reply

    Well I'm not sharing any of it - far too good!


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