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  1. A good recipe to follow, the soup is easy to make, and it’s delicious. I love celeriac and this soup makes the flavour come to life. I did add a jalapeño to it because I am a chilli addiction.

  2. That’s a beautiful looking soup and yes, if my wedding was in four weeks time I’d be looking for healthy, low-calorie meals too! I love celeriac but I don’t cook it often enough. I love it in mashed xx

  3. Jennifer, this does look like a great introduction to Celeriac. I love hearty pureed soups.
    I usually make a potato and celeriac gratin that’s a Chez Panisse recipe.
    Have a great weekend,

  4. Yes, I have! (I have a couple of celeriac soups in our blog). The first time I heard of it my blogging partner had come from a trip to the mountains where celeriac is grown here. I was intrigued, and once I found it in the supermarket I was hooked.

    Like you say, it’s an ugly vegetable, and not very photogenic, but is it ever delicious. Shame it is so underrated.

  5. This looks delicious Jennifer! I am the same, I have always been meaning to try celeriac but just haven’t gotten to it yet. I think you have inspired me to go out and get some while they are in season though!

    Good luck with everything for your wedding, I hope you are enjoying the process and not stressing about it!

  6. I love celeriac!!! It’s ugly indeed but the taste is fantastic and quite versatile too. I think my favorite is to have it as soup but I also like it together with potatoes in a mashed potatoe dish. Gives it a very different flavor which works great with roast veggies!

  7. Snap! I made cauliflower and celeriac soup on Sunday! As for ther uses, I grew up eating celeriac and apple remoulade (slaw) but as a child I didn’t enjoy the strong earthy, nutty flavour as much as I do now. Will have to try your soup, Mr loves it. PS aren’t you supposed to be getting married???

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